Vancouver Island Parking Patrol

We are the ideal parking enforcement company

for private parking lots and other properties where parking is a priority.

With the ever increasing demand on parking spaces, many companies and private individuals are experiencing difficulty with unauthorized use of their car parking facilities. This can have a dramatic effect on the day to day operation of the site. Utilizing our services, unauthorized parkers are discouraged with the use of clear and concise signage detailing the rules on the site and the risk of their actions should they ignore them.

We consistently strive to patrol client properties with as minimal negative impact to customer relations as possible. In most circumstances, we would prefer to issue written warnings to violators. If the customer does not heed these warnings, we could then proceed to a written parking violation. Finally, as a last resort, if ticketing does not have the impact the client is hoping for, vehicles found in violation may be immobilized.

What we offer

Parking enforcementOur enforcement operations are tailored to each client and location.

You, the client, have control over the nature and frequency of the enforcement. If required, we can issue warnings, regularly patrol, or patrol and enforce via ticketing or vehicular immobilization.

Our client-focused approach involves working closely with you to ensure that all of your needs or concerns are taken into consideration. Whatever the size, nature, or location of your property, Vancouver Island Parking Patrol is able to advise and supply you with an effective management solution.

Our considerable experience in managing a wide variety of properties gives us the expertise to advise you on the right solutions for your business. Our aim is not only to meet, but to exceed your expectations.

Why choose us

VI Parking Patrol is Vancouver Island’s fastest growing parking management company. Our senior management team has over 60 years of combined experience and extensive knowledge of all aspects of wheel clamping on private land. We undertake the enforcement for parking lots and private areas that range in number from 1 to 1,100 stalls. Our client base includes every type of business, from small local retailers to some of Vancouver Island’s largest companies and institutions.

Our company's success is largely attributed to our emphasis on delivering a consistent, customer focused approach. We strive to tailor our professional service to suit the needs of every individual or company, and work hard to ensure our clients best interests are served at all times.

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