Vancouver Island Parking Patrol


Our enforcement operations are tailored to each client and location. You, the client, have control over the nature and frequency of the enforcement. If required, we can issue warnings, regularly patrol, or patrol and enforce via ticketing or vehicular immobilization.


Frequently used as a valuable tool in aiding collections, “tagging” entails placing a written notice on the vehicle advising the offender of multiple outstanding violations. Traditionally, seven days is given so that the offender can reconcile their debts, then another survey of the lot is performed. At the client’s discretion, these vehicles could then be removed from the property or immobilized pending payment of all or some of the outstanding debt.


parking ticketIf a softer enforcement approach than booting is desired, VIPP can utilize its integrated ticket issuance system TicketManager. Similar to the AutoVu LPR system, TicketManager operates ‘online’ and can be configured and customized to various locations, parking rates, and regulations. TicketManager is utilized by many universities and municipalities – in addition to many private parking operators – which has lead to its emergence as the premier system on the market today. TicketManager can not only be used to issue violations, but also to track them through the various stages of collections, providing comprehensive reports at each step.

Wheel Immobilizing (Booting)

wheel clamp (booting) We understand that booting is one of the last resorts in the enforcement process, but it is sometimes necessary to send a message to the violator that scofflaws will not be tolerated. Clamped vehicles are clearly tagged with a notice designating a toll-free number to call for release. Our mobile representatives can return to the customer’s vehicle within 15 minutes of the call to accept payment and remove the clamp.

We believe that booting is a far preferable alternative to towing. Although it may not seem immediately apparent to the customer at the time, the removal of a wheel clamp is a much more customer-friendly process than taking a taxi, potentially across town, to the local impound yard.

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