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License Plate Recognition Services

License plate recognition services License Plate Recognition (LPR) is a mass surveillance method that uses optical character recognition software to read the license plates on vehicles. We have implemented specially designed vehicle-mounted cameras that enable us to drive through any given parking lot to locate offenders.

LPR technology is commonly used in one of two ways: in timed locations, and through the implementation of “hot lists”.

In timed locations, such as shopping centers, the vehicle makes a pass through the lot, recording images of license plates to its inventory. The driver then returns to the lot after the designated maximum time limit has expired and makes a second pass. The LPR software will then alert the driver to any vehicle that is still on the property according to its earlier inventory sweep.


License plate recognition services


Having VIPP search for specific vehicles during regular patrols virtually doubles the effectiveness of the technology. Hotlisted vehicles may have been stolen, or have multiple outstanding parking violations. Hotlists can also be utilized at university and college campuses to link vehicles to students for various notification purposes.


License Plate Inventory

Collecting a vehicle inventory manually is simply inefficient. Every day, you waste time and resources. There is a more efficient and automated way to do this.

Our mobile License Plate Recognition system designed to automate the daily collection of vehicle inventory in your parking facility, to cover massive parking facilities in a more time-efficient manner, and to generate automatic activity and inventory reports .

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