Vancouver Island Parking Patrol

On-Street Parking Patrol

On-Street parkingPrimarily used by municipalities, but also applicable to shopping centers, healthcare, or university environments, on-street parking patrol is truly revolutionized by License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology.


Utilizing Genetec’s AutoVu LPR system, Vancouver Island Parking Patrol (VIPP) can efficiently and affordably streamline on-street patrol services. This means lower enforcement costs coupled with reduced administrative expenditures equal a positive net result to the client.


With a clearly identifiable custom-logoed vehicle, VIPP can patrol time-restricted zones to ensure vehicles do not overstay the designated time.

If a scofflaw is identified, an image of the license plate, the vehicle, and its surroundings is stored, along with a GPS stamp and detailed wheel imaging. The wheel imaging capability is used to compare the vehicle’s wheels between the initial and subsequent passes in a particular zone – otherwise known as digital chalking.

This data provides an invaluable resource in the collection and enforcement of unpaid vehicle infractions.

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